Dance Spotlight: Hamilton Evans

Hamilton Evans is  quite an accomplished choreographer. His unique style, complex choreography, and passion for dance have created a major demand for his talent. Hamilton not only teaches classes at LA’s top dance studios, Millennium Dance Complex and Edge Performing Arts Studio, he also shares his gifts abroad. We would love to see his frequent flyer miles especially considering that he has frequently taught in various countries. Continue reading Dance Spotlight: Hamilton Evans

Featured Choreographer: Thomas Bimai

You may have seen Thomas’ unique and extremely difficult robotic dance on the TV show, “France’s Got Talent.” Or, you may have been impressed by some of his work without realizing that you were watching a choreographed piece done by him. If you haven’t heard of Thomas or had the pleasure of seeing a performance based on his choreography, get ready to be entertained.

Enjoy these theatrical journeys created by passionate and well crafted dance!

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