Stage Crave Classics: Lisa Fischer

“Master vocalist” is the first phrase that came to mind when I sat down to write about Lisa Fischer. She is the artist that we would place on stage after any respected powerhouse AND expect her to leave the audience with goosebumps. Lisa’s vocal range is magnificent and effortlessly displayed. Her transitions are smooth and beyond professionally executed. There are so many wonderful descriptive words that can be used when writing about this artist’s musical superpowers, but none will impress you like hearing her live. So lets get right into it.

“How Can I Ease the Pain” is a great song but her range and overall delivery made it legendary. This live performance may be better than the album version. You be the judge.

Merry Clayton, another vocal powerhouse, is featured on a classic song by The Rolling Stones, “Gimme Shelter.” The vocals laid down by Merry are not easy to follow, but Lisa has been singing this song LIVE on tour with The Stones since 1989. Even though “Gimme Shelter” was recorded in 1969, Lisa really added her own flavor to it and made the song a concert favorite of many fans.

Lisa can definitely tackle music from multiple genres and era’s. Check out “Save Me” which has a classic late 80’s into early 90’s upbeat R&B sound that’s perfect for the party scene.


Stage Crave entertains fans of music as well as students of the art. Lisa Fischer is a master vocalist that everyone can enjoy and learn from whether you’re a professional artist, student, lover of music, or all of the above. She still tours and continues to display a level of vocal excellence beyond the norm, which is evidenced by our closing performance video, another creative version of “How Can I Ease the Pain.” Enjoy and replay! You will not get tired of hearing her perform this song in either version.