Sabrina Claudio: A Breath of Fresh Air for Fans of Good R&B Music

A lot has changed in R&B over the last decade and opinions certainly vary regarding whether or not the change has been positive.  Some feel that today’s top 10 R&B songs are masterpieces, whereas others yearn for much more. That’s part of the beauty of music though. It moves us all in different ways. We can have discussions or write a countless array of articles about great vs. bad artists, R&B today vs. yesterday, and good vs. terrible songs. It all comes down to one’s opinion. However, as I write this article and listen to Sabrina Claudio’s music, I’m strongly influenced to address the fans that are yearning for more.

Regardless of the fact that opinions vary, lovers of music can all respect and recognize beautiful voices, crafty writing and delivery, originality, and overall professionalism. Oh and we can not forget the respect that comes from being able to enjoy several songs on an album rather than being forced to find one or two shiny rocks in a collection of trash.

Whether or not the R&B songs in heavy rotation are GOOD R&B is truly a matter of opinion. But, we at Stage Crave recognize the fans that need a breath of fresh air and believe that Sabrina’s latest collection of music delivers it. Check out some of our favorites below along with her latest album (available on iTunes).

Here are a few songs from her album (released 10/5/17)