Jade Novah: A One Woman Show

Artistic Expression Has No Limitations! Stage Crave fans have been hearing and reading that phrase since we began introducing gifted voices, great music, and talented dancers to the world. We all know the good feelings that come from being entertained as well as the heightened enjoyment associated with experiencing something new and creative. Continue reading Jade Novah: A One Woman Show

Dance Challenge: “Tempo” by Chris Brown

Have you heard “Tempo” by Chris Brown? The song makes you want to get up and dance. That shouldn’t be a surprise coming from a great artist that might love dancing just as much as singing. And, of course it’s not a surprise when Stage Crave showcases that perfect mix of music and dance.  So if you love to have fun, dance, or be entertained by talented performers, you’re in the right place. Check out some of the hot videos we selected to light up the stage and get you on your feet. Let us know which choreographer or video is your favorite. Continue reading Dance Challenge: “Tempo” by Chris Brown

Cover Challenge: “Best Part” by Daniel Caesar featuring H.E.R

Fans of H.E.R and Daniel Caesar will love this cover challenge. “Best Part” is a beautiful song by the gifted artists.  If you are in the mood to hear music from artists with great voices, Stage Crave has you covered. Comment below and let us know which cover is your favorite.


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Hot Dance Videos!

From ballet to pole and hiphop to ballroom, Stage Crave features all types of gifted dancers. Check out this week’s hot dance videos! Continue reading Hot Dance Videos!