Jade Novah: A One Woman Show

Artistic Expression Has No Limitations! Stage Crave fans have been hearing and reading that phrase since we began introducing gifted voices, great music, and talented dancers to the world. We all know the good feelings that come from being entertained as well as the heightened enjoyment associated with experiencing something new and creative.  We enjoy creating a union between those that enjoy great music and passionate artists that have an unlimited level of creativity and drive. And, our search for great talent and creativity is limitless.

Jade Novah embodies that limitless artistic expression and delivers it with remarkable ease. She is truly a triple threat mixing music (including writing), acting, and comedy into her creative arsenal. It is quite rare to find an entertainer that can mix the three as well as Jade. She can easily lead any play on Broadway, make you laugh, write a beautiful song, or amaze you by singing something as simple as the “A,B,C’s.”

For those of you that have not heard of Jade, we are proud to introduce her to you. Take a moment, get comfortable, and enjoy being entertained by a few Stage Crave favorites of Jade Novah.

Lets start off with a little comedy.