Desmond Dennis: A Musical Army of One

“Best New R&B Group” was a competitive category until recently. that even a category on any awards show now? How about “Best Song by an R&B Group?” If those categories exist, can you name a recent winner? OK well how about the last winner that comes to mind from any year?

At some point within the last 10 or more years, R&B groups not only took a step back, but slowly and quietly left the building. Fans of music, whether it’s R&B, Pop, or Rock, enjoy the unique sound that a well harmonized group brings to the stage. Hopefully, the music industry will be blessed with some new R&B groups soon.

Luckily, for those of us that are craving the sound of a good R&B group, Desmond Dennis is doing his best to satisfy that need. Desmond is a solo artist that effortlessly creates music with a group sound. He is not simply using his own voice to harmonize or sing background for himself. He also provides the visual piece. Desmond’s videos are strategically created in a way that transforms his solo act into a group. Take a moment and be entertained by Stage Crave’s favorite videos created by this gifted artist.