Dance Spotlight: Matt Steffanina

Placing Matt Steffanina in the spotlight has been a gift and a curse. It is such a joy to write about Matt simply because of how much we like his work. However, placing a choreographer in the spotlight on Stage Crave involves writing and selecting videos to thoroughly showcase their work and entertain dance fans.  Being forced to select an article friendly amount of videos has been extremely difficult considering his overwhelming collection of great work. I actually spent 2 hours looking at old videos that I had already seen multiple times. I’m too embarrassed to reveal the amount of time that has been dedicated to enjoying, I mean reviewing, his latest work and selecting the videos to share with you. Continue reading Dance Spotlight: Matt Steffanina

Featured Choreographer: Thomas Bimai

You may have seen Thomas’ unique and extremely difficult robotic dance on the TV show, “France’s Got Talent.” Or, you may have been impressed by some of his work without realizing that you were watching a choreographed piece done by him. If you haven’t heard of Thomas or had the pleasure of seeing a performance based on his choreography, get ready to be entertained.

Enjoy these theatrical journeys created by passionate and well crafted dance!

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Featured Hip-Hop Choreographer: Tricia Miranda

Today’s featured choreographer needs no introduction. Tricia is a former Beyonce and Brittany Spears dancer. She currently teaches hip-hop dance at Millenium Dance Complex in North Hollywood. Tricia is a brilliant choreographer whose work truly speaks for itself. Some of her YouTube videos have over 20 million views. Check out some of her work below.