Artist Spotlight: Norelle

Norelle is an amazing singer-songwriter and one of Stage Crave’s favorite voices. She captured our attention with her unique cover of “Best Part” by Daniel Caesar & H.E.R., but made a name for herself in the music industry several years ago. Norelle has performed as a background singer for Rihanna, John Legend, Keri Hilson, and Nicki Minaj. She also recently assisted on the popular televised music competition, “The Four.” Once you experience Norelle’s vocal range along with her phenomenal ability to balance today’s R&B sound with the bar raising command and delivery of musical powerhouses of the 80s and 90s, you’ll understand why she belongs on the stage.

When Norelle isn’t blessing other artists with background vocals, she is working on her own music. She recently released a new single, “Homecoming,” which is available on all platforms. For those of you that are not familiar with Norelle, Stage Crave would like to help you get acquainted. Let’s start off with her new single.

From original music to song covers, Norelle’s sound is unique and she clearly makes every song her own. Check out this quick cover.

“Best Part,” by Daniel Caesar & H.E.R.

Now here is a song by SZA that definitely has some spice to it. Watch and listen as Norelle adds her own flavor to it.

Song covers are made everyday by great and of course not so great artists. Regardless of one’s opinion on what makes a song great or what constitutes a good voice, most artists and music fans in general will agree that there are some works of art that are simply untouchable by most…

Norelle dedicated an entire EP to Sade, an artist that does not need to be introduced. Successfully tackling anything by Sade is impressive. But tackling one of her great yet least popular songs in comparison to others, and executing well enough to push it to the favorites list speaks volumes. Norelle made us, serious fans of Sade, dig in the vault and get reacquainted with the original song, because she forced a comparison upon us. That says a lot.

Pour a glass of wine or your favorite drink to sip on, relax, and listen to this artistic piece of excellence multiple times.

From To Sade, Love Norelle


And one more….

We have a few more favorites so deciding which song to close on has been quite difficult. However, now you are more acquainted with Norelle and can choose your favorite song from her catalog. Her music can be found on all major platforms and she is present on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.